Saturday, July 4, 2015

It's fun to treat your Face as a Canvas!

One day I wore a red blouse and my co-worker said to me, "you look great in red, Sherri, you should get a red lipstick for this summer too!"  I was hesitant at the beginning but in art world we should be open to new ideas, right?

So thanking her suggestion, then I saw this video and totally thought of embracing this new bold lip colour so I decided go to Shoppers Drug Mart the next day and looked for this kind of red lipstick. There are so many choices, brandwise... after browsing around and applying 50 testers on the back of my hand, I finally bought......

- One sexy red lip stick;
- One stick of concealer;
- One lip liner to outline the shape;
- One lip liner brush to blend in the color;
- One clear lip liner to prevent lip colour from feathering;

And I learnt this trick from Michelle to exfoliate the lip before applying the lipstick.

After exfoliating my lip, then I "prime" the lip by brushing foundation on. 

While doing the "priming", I also wonder who was this brilliant person invented "make up for women"? (I knew some gentlemen apply some makeup too to be more photo- and video-genic)... 

Did the makeup inventor get inspired by visual artists? Or they inspire each other? I know an visual artist who loves soft brushes and he bought a few makeup brushes to paint his work! 

Artists prime the canvas using gesso (sometimes many layers) on the canvas to create a good adherence base like we ladies put cream, sunscreen, and foundation on our face to protect our face. 

Oh a side note about foundation, by the way, a new form of foundation called BB Cream, which was first formulated in Germany, was revolutionary By putting a thin layer it will show your glow instantly as it had all-in-one combination of lotion, sunscreen protection, foundation, tint... and etc, all blended in already.

After gessoing, the artist will start applying colors on the desired area on the canvas; we lady then apply hues on eyes, cheeks, lips, using different brushes.

Then do the highlight.

One thing that is different, our pumped up beauty only lasts for a day and will need to be removed before bedtime and redo all over again next time.

I'm shy to show my before and after picture of my new lip venture here... but I will definitely wear it in different occasions like our next art event on July 17. :)

I'm a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won't need a lot of makeup.
Demi Moore

I always adore natural beauty. And on daily basis, I still like doing simple curl to my eye lashes because eyes are the window of the soul, and thin layer of BB Cream, that's it.

Before & After - Model Demo
Anyways,  the above model is already a cute girl, after putting on the makeup, she looks stunning!!

It's always fun to do something different once in a while!

Look, how happy these kids are after getting painted on their face! Art and painting definitely spread out our happiness!

Some more face painting for performing arts... pretty cool!

If you are an artist, thank you for showing your inspiration with people and please keep letting us know of your new great work. 

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Artfully yours!

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