Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ukama Gallery Visit - Close personal relationships that unify an extended family - Zimbabwe

I had a chance to visit Ukama Gallery recently and was flabbergasted by the astonishing stone sculpture selection they chose. I was lucky that day because Janine, the owner of the gallery,was there so we had a great chat. I wish to share with you my visit and their current collection and strongly suggest visiting their gallery to see these sculptures in person!

Janine Vertone:  
"In 2002 I moved to Zimbabwe, intent on devoting myself to development work in a country experiencing the crippling effects of hyperinflation and political turbulence. Over time, I fell in love with the country, its people and unique culture. Ukama Gallery is an effort to share that experience by shining a light on the contemporary art of modern Zimbabwe, and showcasing it alongside collections of work from talented Canadian artists. Ultimately, it is my hope that this will contribute to cultural connections between both countries through artistic expression.

Ukama is a Shona word that is used to describe the close personal relationships that unify an extended family. We chose the name Ukama for our gallery because we hope that these beautiful works of art will help to foster individual relationships with Africa, a sense of involvement rather than detached appreciation. "

The gallery's name was beautifully chosen Janine!

Ukama Gallery recently opened its doors on Granville Island in February 2015. The gallery features sculptures from both emerging and internationally acclaimed Zimbabwean artists including Joe Mutasa, Eddie Masaya and Sylvester Mubayi (check their website for the complete list of Artists). The gallery, along with its Zimbabwean partners, claims exclusive Canadian representation of world-renowned sculptor Dominic Benhura. 

New Arrivals: (one of my favourites because it combines stone and painting in a very unique way!)

Check out this unique work from German-born artist Birgit Piskor, who now lives and works in Victoria, B.C. The process that Piskor uses to create her pieces is one that she has developed over time. Piskor uses a proprietary cementitious formula which in essence transforms fabric into concrete - creating strength while maintaining paper thin thicknesses. 

Other beautiful sculptures:

What's going on July 23 to August 23?

This event include the works of Yukon based artist Halin de Repentigny with the presentation of 'Luminous Complexions'. This collection of oil paintings will be featured July 23 to August 23.

What HOT now through summer? 

When we mention "stones", our first impression is "solid, rugged, hard, heavy weighted." However, by the Artists' imagination and skillful hands, they were transformed to a heart melting soft form.

Thank you Janine for introducing them to Canada, they are absolutely beautiful!

1802 Maritime Mews
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6H 3X2   778-379-0666


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