Saturday, August 29, 2015

Art Collectors Series #1 - Adrian Cheng

Art goes international. So do the art collectors. One of our previous posts: 7 Simple Steps to Start your Fine Art Collection mentioned Bob Rennie, a Vancouver art collector pioneer, and the founder of Real Estate company Rennie Marketing System.

Today we jump out of North America and into Asia!  I wish to introduce to you Mr. Adrian Cheng

Reading his bio here, he might seem to be a business only master. However, Cheng is indeed very active in many art involvements.

He founded K11 Art Malls in Hong Kong and Shanghai and other main cities in China, which claim to be the world`s first Art malls, and the K11 Art Foundation, a non profit organization whose Monet Masterpieces to be Exhibited in China was a  great success last year!

I witnessed in person the art displays in K11 Art Mall in Hong Kong last year, and I was intrigued. The ground floor of the mall was surrounded by artists' work and sculptures the foundation selected or sponsored. Plus, each piece has an inspirational story or a message to the public.

It`s amazing that Cheng has so much energy and passion for art. He was able to put on 50 shows a year attracting thousands of people each day!

Even more surprising... he says his art activities only happen after his office hours and on weekends. He surely has unlimited energy, all because he loves art so much.

To learn more about Adrian Cheng, please click here.

Adrian Cheng is probably one of the pioneers and young entrepreneurs in Asia who has a true vision for art.

Thank you Adrian for supporting our art world and cultivating people`s awareness on arts and culture,


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Thursday, August 20, 2015

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Pablo Picasso's 'Les femmes d'Alger' recently sold for $179 Million  US!
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Note: Many of these collectors are huge fans of buying from talented emerging artists!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How Positive Thinking can be your key to Success!

Feel lost? Not sure if you will be successful?

Today I wish to share something that is not art related, yet very important to all of us while pursuing our careers or business, keeping in line with our vision "Everyone enjoys a better life!"

We all pursue our lives for a purpose, some wish to be a doctor, some wish to be a great artist, some wish to be a great performer, or wish to be someone who has great social impact. We all want to successfully achieve our wishes.

Being successful takes time, based on my studies I have concluded the following basic transitions:

  • In order to be successful, you need to set your ultimate goal ( you may have other mini-goals). Think about it like archery; you know your target and everything you work towards is aiming to hit that red circle.


  • In order to hit the goal, you need to commit yourself to doing it and never giving up on this sometimes bumpy journey.


  • In order to commit yourself to doing it, you need to have a game plan you put into action.


  • In order to action each step, you need to have a "can-do" attitude.


  • In order to have a "can-do" attitude, you need to rewire your brain to exude and infuse yourself with 100% positive energy.

So how to stay positive and happy?

Remember, happiness came from thoughts; the way you control and change you thoughts will help you reach your happiness.

The Rules to Stay Positive

Rule #1:
Be thankful for what you have, to everyone, even your enemies or the ones who have hurt you. For without those people and situations, you wouldn't have grown to this stage. Just count your blessings.

Rule #2:
Birds of a feather flock together. Stay only with positive friends.

Rule #3:
Choose your wording differently to a positive meaning.

As Thomas Edison is famously  quoted:
 I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
Rule #4:
Are you doing it for yourself or for the universe and community? This is important. One is inwardly focused, one is outwardly focused. Inward focus is dangerous because if the energy is negative, you are recycling negativity within you. If it's outward focused, your sense of achievement and accomplishment are more fulfilling which will make you feel super positive and happy.

Here are some different perspective you can transfer the negative force to positive outcome:
  • Failure as new opportunities
  • Endings as new starts
  • Mistakes as new experiment

Now its your turn to control the controllable -  which is your positive mind.

If there is a will, there is a way!

And action cures fear ... destroy your fear through positive action.

Great book here to help you stay positive! It helped me a lot. Glad to be able to share with you.

Stay strong and stay positive. Most importantly, keep going!


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Monday, August 17, 2015

7 Simple Steps to Starting Your Fine Art Collection


Pablo Picasso, 1932; Oil On Canvas

I was compiling a list of art collectors today. While reading their interviews I noticed many of them started off collecting by first just loving the art they bought, then finding the potential market value of the pieces they acquired.

One of the pioneers in art collecting is Vancouver Real Estate Entrepreneur, Bob Rennie, the Founder of Rennie Marketing.

His first collection was purchased when he was only 18 years old. Now his collection has enlarged to 1400 pieces and he is the owner of a beautiful private art gallery in China Town, Vancouver, BC Canada!  Says Rennie: "We can't pretend that art is not an asset.":

"Garden Party" painting by Kerry James Marshall is owned by collector Bob Rennie of Vancouver.
Source: Jack Shainman gallery via Bloomberg

FYI - Rennie purchased "Garden Party" for $450,000 in 1993, now it is worth more than $1 million!

Thinking about starting your own collection?  Start small to get big. 

Thinking about starting your own art collection? By following these 7 simple steps, you will find your art collecting journey both fun and rewarding!

1) Find your purpose. Are you collecting for decoration? Or for investment for flipping to make money? For love of  art and keeping it for a long time? They are many different ways to collect. Today's post is going to focus on buying art art as an investment.

The best part? You don't have to spend a fortune to start. Collecting is an evolutionary process.

Like any discipline,  you need to do your homework first and connect to the world you are entering.

So joining an art community is very important, going to art shows,  visiting artists' studios, listening and reading artist interviews, visiting different galleries, and reading art magazines and online art newsletters.

You must be prepared.

2) Pick Your Preference:

Original? Limited prints? Oil, acrylic, mixed media?

You may buy from emerging artists, as the price is relatively lower in comparison to well established or even old masters' paintings.

3) Find Verification:

Has the artist already passed away? Look for appraisal, authentication certificate, and provenance. These will increase your chances of buying an authentic piece of art.

Some art pieces have already been authenticated with certification. We are proud to showcase Picasso, Dali, and Matisse authenticated art on Feb 13, 2013. Click here to learn more about this exciting event.

4) Learn Drawing and Painting

You may think: "why should I paint" or "I'm not artistic enough". I can tell you that, in order to become a collector, you should at least learn the basics. This can train your taste buds and your visualization skills. Also you will understand whether the artist is skillful and creative, and be able to judge the quality of the materials the artist uses to create that piece of art.

Again, no need to be a pro like the artists doing their work. Just learn the basics.

5) Be Open-minded

Look at LOTS of art: any kind of art and all art periods (from Renaissance to Contemporary). Do not oppose any style because it will block your learning mind.

After viewing different kinds of art, you will have a higher ability to judge the authenticity of the art.

6) Find a Trustworthy Art Consultant:

An art dealer is an art consultant who can and will work with you and learn your preferences and help you slowly build up your significant collections.  Paul Becker of erik beckerart is one Belle Fusion recommends and consults with.

Want to know more? Check out his next lecture on Feb 13, 2016 to learn  about authentic art collecting. This exclusive Event will be hosted by Belle Fusion Art facilitation group and Heal Our Lives non profit organization:

7) Check the price:

What price has it been selling for at past shows or auctions? What is the price for a similar piece of art? If you are investing in current artists, how much did they sell for 5 or 10 years ago? Also what are the hidden costs such as framing, restoration and insurance to acquire this piece of art?

(Bonus time!) Last but not least...

Be Prepared to ask many questions! 

If you made your first move, congrats!! Keep in mind that maintenance and protection are equally important.

Here I wish you best of luck and ending by quoting Mr Paul Becker's cardinal rules of collecting:
Want more inspiration? Check out the 6 habits of highly successful art collectors!

See you at the show on Feb 13, 2016

Allure + Prestige: Celebrate Your Valentine's Passion the Latin Way

It's gonna be an alluring & prestigious Valentine's experience you will get! Come to our Allure + Prestige event and enjoy the passionate LATIN fusion activities and a fun LIVE ART AUCTION at the beautiful Terminal City Club in our beautiful downtown Vancouver!

Proudly showcasing our lovely artists very soon! Special thanks to all the participating artists and our strategic partner Chali-Rosso Gallery! On Feb 13, you will see the Original art from our local artists and authentic pieces from Picasso, Dali, and Chagall!! And of course enjoy your Valentine's experience the LATIN WAY~

** Yes, the LATIN WAY with full of PASSION! **



* Charity art auction proceeds benefit Heal Our Lives non profit Society healing through art, music, and comedy therapy.

Date: Saturday, Feb 13, 2016
Location: Terminal City Club, 837 W Hastings St
Size of the venue: 3000+ sqft with dance floor and mingle area + art display room

Proudly showcasing our famous Vancouver Artists:

++ Donna Giraud
++ Mike Soltis
++ Gina Sarro
++ Bill Higginson
++ Olga Rybalko
++ Farahnaz Samari
++ Jace Kim
++ Claire Sower
++ Aurélia Bizouard
++ Thomas Anfield
++ Marion Webber
++ Jim Park
++ Annie Frind
++ Vladimir Kostka
++ Michael Soloman


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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Connectile Ceramic Symmetry - Let's meet Artist Kevin Harney

I met Kevin at Jan Kasparec Solo Art Exhibition a month ago. 

Kevin is an local artist and he always travels to Mexico to explore for more inspirations. His primary work involves contemporary and unique digital prints on ceramic tiles called "Connectiles" and I wish to share with you his beautiful work.

His Art includes large print installations, fine line drawings on various substrates, artworks incorporating recycled materials, photography and mixed media art.

Let's learn more about him...

1. When have you realized that being an Artist was going to be your path?

Creativity was a big part of growing up, especially the act of drawing. This recreational pastime founded the way to graphic design in my early 20's. Working with my hands and crafts have always played an integral part of my artistic endeavours. My love of the arts has evolved through my passions for Art Deco, interior design, fashion, art and graphic design. I always knew I loved the arts but it wasn't until the advent of computers and design software did I finally realize that this digital environment might be the true path to becoming an artist.

2. What inspires you or stimulates your thought?

I derive my inspiration from experiences both past and present. A window display, a man made or naturally occurring pattern, a magazine, art history, industrial design etc. I also believe that “Everything is Connected” and that this energy has inspired the artist in me and has an dominant presence in my art.

3. What is your average day like?

Or rather, what would a typical day encompass as a full time artist? A cup off wonderful coffee while contemplating on my day, dreams or future existence.  Then checking my email, social media, news, following up with clients and responding to important emails. I would then prepare for heading to my studio gallery. Work at the gallery would vary based on priorities; hanging new art, client/supplier follow ups, finishing projects, planning new works and shipping art work....  The most important aspect of the day, having fun!!

4. Why do you think it’s important to work as an artist?

- essential to the whole
- necessary for a sense of completeness

I believe that in order to live a complete existence one has to strive to work at something that one has an immense passion for. This is truly epic or bliss as one third of our days are spent towards monetarily sustaining our existence. There will always be joy, suffering and pain in our lives, this is a fundamental part of life. However, doing what you love will surely help to “Look on the Bright Side of Life”, and bring joy into our lives.

Integral Art
- Art allows artists to know ourselves better, to explore our human nature. To share the deepest parts of our being with others. Art is integral in the sense of the perspective of the artist who creates the art, the perspective of the viewer, and the perspective of the outside cultural context in which the work of art is a part.

5. What kinds of story do you like the most? Why?

I used to be an avid reader as a child but over the years this has decreased significantly to education on particular topics. One day in high school, I was reaching for a book on a shelf in the library. As I grabbed the book, the book beside it fell to the floor. I was “The Man Who Fell to Earth” by Walter Tevis. I read that book. Which to my surprise was made into a movie in 1976 starring David Bowie! A wonderful book and an amazing movie.

6. How has your practice changed over time?

Architectural drawings in pencil of futuristic houses and structures were my first artistic creations. I loved to use shading in a big way.  I was in awe of th technique of using a very soft HB pencil to create mesmerizing gradients. Illustrating plants, buses, flowers and trees was also very alluring. I then discovered that India Ink and a quill tip gave me the precise control to create very fine lines. I was enamoured by the symmetrical patterns and floating islands of Earth with stands spiralling downwards as if it was ripped from the planet. These were inspired by an album cover of the 70's band Yes.

From there, I used the old cut and paste method, literally, to design graphics until the dawn of personal computers. I taught myself the basics of design software and became an expert in Photoshop. I combined my interest in photography and image manipulation to manifest my current style of artistic expression. With my new found creations, I wanted to showcase my art in a different way. In researching various substrates I was attracted to printing on ceramic tiles. Thus, the “Connectile” Collection was created. In addition, while spending much time in Mexico with my husband over the last five years, I looked back to my past to start drawing styles to begin large scale pattern illustrations that I titled the “Women of Mexico” series.

7. Who’s your favourite Artist? How does this Artist inspire or mentor you?

There are so many talented artists. MC Escher was one of the first artists I was attracted to. Incredibly talented. Art movements, periods and styles have inspired me more than individual artists. These include Baroque, Classical engravings, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Bauhaus, Retro, Pop Art, to name a few. I keep a large collection of art, photos, designs and patterns from which to draw inspiration from. Currently I have a collection of high resolution scans of 16th century master engravers that I am restoring by removing the “aged” discolourations. I then remove the background and manipulate the colours of the engraved lines. I can then add any background colour or image to great effect. I have coined these works “Digital Clarity Reproductions”. A current project that I am working on involves printing the engraving on translucent mylar and layering over one of my digital prints. The result is very unique and contemporary.

8. Specially in today's climate, there are many emerging artists looking for the kind of direction and passion that you, as a successful artist, clearly have, what kind of advice you will give to those who are also looking for the direction and path?

Follow your passion. What do you love? Be aware of what the Universe presents to you, as there are signs all around you. Most people are to busy to recognize them. They are presented in response to your thoughts. To quote Buddha, “We are what we think”. Immerse yourself in art through art openings, visiting galleries, museums and design/art magazines. Anything that will inspire you. Be creative by exploring and experimenting with different techniques and mediums.

9. In your opinion, what role is the Artist playing nowadays?

Artists today, in particular, contemporary artists are appealing to a wider and younger audience and communicating their beliefs in extraordinary techniques and technologies.  Art is becoming more accessible and mainstream. Perhaps this is happening from the observation that contemporary art is becoming more political and delving into social issues. Perhaps this is happening from the observation that contemporary art is becoming more political and delving into social issues. The proliferation of public art is playing a very educational role in the awareness of artists as well. Art fairs are also creating a market of new art enthusiasts.

10. What is your 5 year goal?

At present I am focusing my energy on opening a studio gallery where I can work while exhibiting my art. I wish to diversify my artistic creativity and explore painting , various printing techniques and large format collage works. I would also like to spend some time on collaborating with other contemporary artists to create an artist collective. Who knows where this journey will take me but I do know that I only want to have fun, be happy and have each day be EPIC!!

Thanks for sharing with us. Check below for more of his other work. Feel free to contact him for any inquiry on his art, he is super nice and will gladly show you more of his inspiration.


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