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7 Simple Steps to Starting Your Fine Art Collection


Pablo Picasso, 1932; Oil On Canvas

I was compiling a list of art collectors today. While reading their interviews I noticed many of them started off collecting by first just loving the art they bought, then finding the potential market value of the pieces they acquired.

One of the pioneers in art collecting is Vancouver Real Estate Entrepreneur, Bob Rennie, the Founder of Rennie Marketing.

His first collection was purchased when he was only 18 years old. Now his collection has enlarged to 1400 pieces and he is the owner of a beautiful private art gallery in China Town, Vancouver, BC Canada!  Says Rennie: "We can't pretend that art is not an asset.":

"Garden Party" painting by Kerry James Marshall is owned by collector Bob Rennie of Vancouver.
Source: Jack Shainman gallery via Bloomberg

FYI - Rennie purchased "Garden Party" for $450,000 in 1993, now it is worth more than $1 million!

Thinking about starting your own collection?  Start small to get big. 

Thinking about starting your own art collection? By following these 7 simple steps, you will find your art collecting journey both fun and rewarding!

1) Find your purpose. Are you collecting for decoration? Or for investment for flipping to make money? For love of  art and keeping it for a long time? They are many different ways to collect. Today's post is going to focus on buying art art as an investment.

The best part? You don't have to spend a fortune to start. Collecting is an evolutionary process.

Like any discipline,  you need to do your homework first and connect to the world you are entering.

So joining an art community is very important, going to art shows,  visiting artists' studios, listening and reading artist interviews, visiting different galleries, and reading art magazines and online art newsletters.

You must be prepared.

2) Pick Your Preference:

Original? Limited prints? Oil, acrylic, mixed media?

You may buy from emerging artists, as the price is relatively lower in comparison to well established or even old masters' paintings.

3) Find Verification:

Has the artist already passed away? Look for appraisal, authentication certificate, and provenance. These will increase your chances of buying an authentic piece of art.

Some art pieces have already been authenticated with certification. We are proud to showcase Picasso, Dali, and Matisse authenticated art on Feb 13, 2013. Click here to learn more about this exciting event.

4) Learn Drawing and Painting

You may think: "why should I paint" or "I'm not artistic enough". I can tell you that, in order to become a collector, you should at least learn the basics. This can train your taste buds and your visualization skills. Also you will understand whether the artist is skillful and creative, and be able to judge the quality of the materials the artist uses to create that piece of art.

Again, no need to be a pro like the artists doing their work. Just learn the basics.

5) Be Open-minded

Look at LOTS of art: any kind of art and all art periods (from Renaissance to Contemporary). Do not oppose any style because it will block your learning mind.

After viewing different kinds of art, you will have a higher ability to judge the authenticity of the art.

6) Find a Trustworthy Art Consultant:

An art dealer is an art consultant who can and will work with you and learn your preferences and help you slowly build up your significant collections.  Paul Becker of erik beckerart is one Belle Fusion recommends and consults with.

Want to know more? Check out his next lecture on Feb 13, 2016 to learn  about authentic art collecting. This exclusive Event will be hosted by Belle Fusion Art facilitation group and Heal Our Lives non profit organization:

7) Check the price:

What price has it been selling for at past shows or auctions? What is the price for a similar piece of art? If you are investing in current artists, how much did they sell for 5 or 10 years ago? Also what are the hidden costs such as framing, restoration and insurance to acquire this piece of art?

(Bonus time!) Last but not least...

Be Prepared to ask many questions! 

If you made your first move, congrats!! Keep in mind that maintenance and protection are equally important.

Here I wish you best of luck and ending by quoting Mr Paul Becker's cardinal rules of collecting:
Want more inspiration? Check out the 6 habits of highly successful art collectors!

See you at the show on Feb 13, 2016

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