Saturday, August 29, 2015

Art Collectors Series #1 - Adrian Cheng

Art goes international. So do the art collectors. One of our previous posts: 7 Simple Steps to Start your Fine Art Collection mentioned Bob Rennie, a Vancouver art collector pioneer, and the founder of Real Estate company Rennie Marketing System.

Today we jump out of North America and into Asia!  I wish to introduce to you Mr. Adrian Cheng

Reading his bio here, he might seem to be a business only master. However, Cheng is indeed very active in many art involvements.

He founded K11 Art Malls in Hong Kong and Shanghai and other main cities in China, which claim to be the world`s first Art malls, and the K11 Art Foundation, a non profit organization whose Monet Masterpieces to be Exhibited in China was a  great success last year!

I witnessed in person the art displays in K11 Art Mall in Hong Kong last year, and I was intrigued. The ground floor of the mall was surrounded by artists' work and sculptures the foundation selected or sponsored. Plus, each piece has an inspirational story or a message to the public.

It`s amazing that Cheng has so much energy and passion for art. He was able to put on 50 shows a year attracting thousands of people each day!

Even more surprising... he says his art activities only happen after his office hours and on weekends. He surely has unlimited energy, all because he loves art so much.

To learn more about Adrian Cheng, please click here.

Adrian Cheng is probably one of the pioneers and young entrepreneurs in Asia who has a true vision for art.

Thank you Adrian for supporting our art world and cultivating people`s awareness on arts and culture,


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