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"Buddha Quote: Love is a gift of one’s inner most soul to another so both can be whole" - Let's meet artist Jan Kasparec


“I moved to Paris, France when I was 19 to study. It was then, during my university studies when I bought my first set of oil paints and began to experiment painting on canvas. I was 24, and I recall having no idea painting would become such an essential part of my life.

I spent many years working as a corporate professional. Five years after I put an end to this career, I decided to take off to Brazil with the intention of traveling the world for one year. This of course was with a flexible itinerary, and an open mind to what would come. My trip extended to a full 17 months, spanning across 20 countries, on 4 continents. My experiences during these travels greatly changed my somewhat rigid view on life.

"Canada, my new wonderland!"

To my surprise my path had “accidentally” crossed with a friend who I used to study with years ago in Olomouc (Czech Rep.). He mentioned he had moved to Canada some time ago, and happened to be spending his holidays in Prague. Hany Bany Pub, in the center of Prague, was the place where we raised our glasses to celebrate our encounter. It was after hearing my friend's praise of Canada that I became intrigued of life in this country. So, that very night I decided to try my luck there.

Jan, we wanna know more about you...


1. When have you realized that being an Artist was going to be your path?

First of all I think that we're all artists. Forms of expressing it may vary but everyone is born as manifesto of joyful and creative power. We cannot really separate ourselves from it (besides by mentally created barriers) since it is and underlying quality our inner most source. Most forget under the heavy conditioning influence of society and family, some remember later on in adult lives and few lucky ones never let that reality slip away completely. I painted and drew and sculpted as far as I can remember, actually these are my most vivid childhood memories. Becoming a professional artist came organically along with circumstances that seemed “random” or “unlucky” at that time, such a loosing my job in finance. Now I only understand that Universe just gave me a gentle push to put me back on a path I was really supposed to walk.

Buddha The Lifegiver

2. What inspires you or stimulate your thought?

Thought is an obstacle to creativity. The more I think the harder it is to paint. Beautiful art springs from space of no mind. Mind is but a tiny aspect of the pool of universal creative intelligence yet for many think that's all there is. Idea of “not knowing, not being able to analyze” is terrifying to mind controlled humanity. I always strive to get connected to that place where the ceaseless mind chatter fades to blissful silence. Then I become a tool of something bigger than my thoughts. That's why I always emphasize that my paintings are not “mine”. I just sharpened my skills enough to deliver the message with my hands I get in more accurate way. People always ask me this same question all over again: What inspires you. They think that the fact that I traveled extensively makes me paint tropical or spiritual themes. But inspiration has nothing to do with geographical location or my globe trotting. Inspiration is an inner journey. Inspiration is omnipresent, in everything around. Question is: how do you get the obstacles to inspiration out of the way? Because when you do, you can be sitting in a dark cave whole life and be the most inspired person on this planet.

3. What is your average day like?

I work long hours every day of the week because I love what I do. I also think that it is the only way to success for an artist although I don't like the feeling of pressure that the idea of “success” con-notates in one's mind. My reason for painting is and always has to be Joy and Love. Living in a world where money determines what you eat and how you live, I have to remind myself constantly of my reason. Sometimes I fail, but I always come back to my truth. In summer I wake up earlier since my body gets more energy from the sun. I love the morning silence in my studio and glitter of light coming through my garden by the roof window. Unless I'm pushed by deadlines and administrative work, I improvise my day. That typically results in lots of painting until well past midnight. I go out during the day for few hours to move- yoga, bike, walk. I always close my day by meditation and by giving thanks for all I have, even if the day was sad or painful.

4. Why do you think it’s integral to work as an artist?

You might not agree with me, but art is one of the few material things which has real value. Although not quite the material part of it, but the feeling it evokes in people. The place where it makes you come back you- your home. This world would be a happier place without politicians, lawyers, bankers, judges and all that ego noise that actively depletes this planet, yet we're brainwashed to the point that we believe we need it. But it would be a very sad place without art. Art is a true reflection of our Selves. Hunger for money and power is a illusory reflection of ego.

5. What kinds of story do you like the most? Why?

Real life stories. Of people who went through hardships and woke up to their true potential while staying humble. Shantaram is a good example. Don't know him? Google!

6. How has your practice changed over time?

It changes all the time. Change in my work is the only thing I can promise you for future. As I change, my art changes. Themes, delivery, techniques, everything becomes more subtle as I become lighter. I don't know where I am going but I have faith that it is a beautiful place. I look back at my work 3 or 4 years ago and I don't see myself in it anymore. I would do it all different now, yet I know that I got here because I went through there first. That's why I rarely look back or ahead. Here and Now is the only place from which I can act and make a real difference.

7. Who’s your favorite Artist? How does this Artist inspire or mentor you?

I have lots of favorite artists. I love admiring other people's art. I don't have mentors but I surely do look up to many artists out there. I don't wanna be like them, but they inspire my to get better on my own path.

8. Specially in today's climate, there are many emerging artists looking for the kind of direction and passion that you, as a successful artist, clearing have, what kind of advice you will give to those who are also looking for the direction and path?

Find your own way, stay true to it, work hard, when you think that the whole world conspires against you, just work harder, never look back, be positive, grateful not only for good times and always polite, remain humble. Believe in yourself! Anything you have faith in will manifest if you give it all you have. Keeping your day job because you don't think you can make it otherwise is not usually your best.

9. In your opinion, what role is Artist playing nowadays?

For me the role is clear: to awaken. Awaken from the current system in place which is killing life on this beautiful planet. It will not take a new government or more money to heal it. All it will take is changing the mind patterns that create it and sustain it. Art plays a huge role in this. It possesses an incredible transformational power. Why did the ancient hunters draw on the walls of caves? Perhaps to get a better kill or invade the neighboring tribe? Or to express wonder of creation without second thought of getting anything in exchange for it? We need to do more art to heal the pain that our untamed minds produce! Create, liberate, be free.


Thank you Jan!  People see your insight about art and life. I also wish express here that through out conversation, people also deserve to learn of your inner glamour and beauty which have been accumulated through your thousands of miles of journey, as well as your good heart giving back to the community.

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Want to chat with him to learn more about his art? In fact, his next Solo Exhibition - Awakening is happening very soon on July 17 & 18, 2015 in Vancouver, BC. To attend, click the following link to confirm:


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Interview conducted by Sherri C. - Founder of Belle Fusion Art Facilitation Group


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