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A See-thru type of art - Art on Glass and Plexiglass - Let's meet artist Aurélia Bizouard


Art shouldn't be limited to its form and medium, it is the innermost feelings expressed by the artist that matters. Today, we have a chance to post this interview with a very talented artist, Aurélia Bizouard, whom I met at a successful Art Vancouver Event in May 2015. Her cheerful personality and her colour sense interweaved strongly which made me feel really content while looking at her paintings.

Painting on a “transparent canvas” is a very different process and Aurélia paints backwards to realise her paintings: on one side of the glass, layers of paint are applied while the other side of the glass exposes the final painting.

“Using glass as a canvas enables you to play with the paint in so many different ways: scratching, crushing, dripping and more. It is an amazing experimentation for creating the type of art I love to make.” Adding colours to life is also a major part of her art: “it brings you energy and makes you feel good. That is the reason why I use a lot of vivid colours”. 
- Artist Aurélia Bizouard

1. When did you realize that being an artist was going to be your path?

I started being involved with art since I was a kid when I discovered drawing. I first did a lot of drawings with a pencil to copy my favourite Japanese Mangas which were very successful cartoons in France when I was a little girl. I was raised in a western suburb of Paris, which, along with Normandy, was the cradle of impressionism. It was here that Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh and Morisot painted, some of my favourite painters who influenced me to start painting with oil. I became intrigued by art and fascinated with the beauty of the Seine river and its impressionist surroundings. 

In 2011, I was in Toronto and I discovered a new way of painting using a transparent canvas: glass. It was a revelation to me and obvious that I will follow this path. During this time of my life, I was mostly focused on creating and I was isolated for few months. Along the path, I discovered that I can bring energy with some colourful paintings, which I did. 

I was going back to my first love; we should all strive to get the opportunity to chase our childhood dreams and enjoy life as the fabulous journey it is, the way we want it. 

2. What inspires you or stimulate your thoughts? 

I get the inspiration with the contemplation of my surrounding, the colours we see around us  and what’s happening in the world. Painting is an exorcism, it makes you feel better when you create. Colours influence us a lot, I paint to exhibit the colours and to get some positive energy form it.

Also, visiting the world is the secret to unleashing creativity and I think we are at our best when we focus on the things we love doing. Passions are part of our life , it is important to know yourself first and know what are part of you. Ask yourself what could be your passions: these are the purposes of your life!

3. What is your average day like?

I always start my day with a good coffee, this could be the only "usual part" of my day, as each single day is different. I focus on my 2 main passions: art and travels. I have worked for years in the travel industry and I am involved in different associations. I do some art whenever I feel like it, it means most of my free time!

My art is like my life: very intuitive and free spirit. I do not follow a framework but I follow my heart. Maybe that is why I do not have an « average day ».

4. Why do you think it’s integral to work as an artist?

I do not know if it is integral to work as an artist, I just follow what my heart tells me to do and art has to be part of my everyday life.

5. What kinds of story do you like the most? Why?

I like the «  Little Prince »  from the french writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery. This story is different rather you read it as a kid or an adult. It also gives you a lot of explanations about life, humanity and society.

6. How has your practice changed over time?

The main change was to quit pencils, oil and canvas for acrylic on glass, which is now the area I am focusing on.

My practice evolved because I use lots of bright colours and I use different material to paint , such as pallette knife or my hands!

FInally, I also got influenced by other artists, we share ideas and yet new techniques arise! However some people said my art reminds them the expressionist Jackson Polock but when I started, I did not know about him!


7. Who’s your favourite Artist? How does this Artist inspire or mentor you?

I do not have a favourite artist: all of them were mentors at a different time in my life. Surrealism (I like the craziness of Salvador Dali), impressionism (I love Claude Monet and his study of the light), expressionism (Jackson Pollock and its dripping technique) or fauvism (Von Dongen was excellent at using contrasts with colours) : they all influence me.

8. There are many emerging artists looking for the kind of direction and passion that you, as a successful artist, clearly have. What kind of advice would you give to those who are looking for their direction and path?

It is very important to follow your dreams and try everything to realise them (they usually come back to you anyway). But there is also a secret: creativity. It is to say that you have to find your own way of painting and your own style. What is different in your art? What is unique?


9. In your opinion, what role is Artist playing nowadays?

Art is very important in anybody’s life: if you are a director of sales, a train driver, a painter or a politician, art should be part of your life because it gives you creativity and a new way of seeing things or thinking. It is also a great way for the artist to deliver a strong message in a peaceful way.

10. What is your 5 year goal?

My 5 year goal? …. hum…. do more paintings, spread some more colours and give more love around the world!


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