Thursday, May 21, 2015

~ Power Marketing for Artists ~ Intro

I recently read a book called "Secrets of Power Marketing" by Peter Urs Bender & George Torok. This book is incredible and I totally want to share some goodies I picked from it which I feel will help you take your art pursuits to the next level!

"Live like Picasso, don't live like Van Gogh" was the line that caught my attention.

How though?

Here are some inspiring messages from the book...

No doubt, their paintings are worth millions nowadays. Both artists are geniuses at painting. However, Van Gogh was an introvert and very low profile. And suffered from depression...
Picasso on the other hand, was surrounded by people. He was always pumped with endorphins by being admired, loved, and laughter. He was not afraid of meeting people, and was always ready to defend his belief in art and his own talent.

"What is art?" He was asked,
"What is not?" He responded....

To him art is an element that can happen and be created anytime; anyone or anything can be an inspiration towards his art.  

Bender mentioned in this book:

"If you have something great but do not communicate it, you will not succeed."

I wish to add one more line to it: 

"Even if you don't have the best product but you are always out there and are approachable, you will be successful.

Not to devalue McDonald's and Coca Cola products. But hey, there are other burgers and soft drinks with better reviews than them but McDonald's and Coca Cola are successful...

Back to the secrets of power marketing topic, I will share more from the book tomorrow about "value proposition" and "smart advertising", stay tuned!


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*Special thanks to the authors for writing this great book.
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