Sunday, May 31, 2015

Free Sample - van Gogh Liquid Metals

Feel free to print the above coupon and bring it to the open house to obtain your free sample.  

We recently met Liam and listened to Kathy's speech from an Art show, and we absolutely love their philosophy: "WE DON'T JUST SELL PAINT, WE SELL EMPOWERMENT!". 

Really, that's what all artists and art lovers look for, right? We want to unleash our imagination, our creativity, and have fun! A can of paint will remain just as a can of paint but with your creative brush strokes YOU can transform it to a beautiful piece of art. 

While Picasso transformed a bicycle seat and its handle to a bull head and made it Art, how able we start from transforming a used armoire to a beautiful "rustic Spanish style" new baby? Cannot imagine it yet? Check out their projects, and I assure you will find your inspiration there. 

We at Belle Fusion suggest joining Studio Van Gogh and learning more about their "Paintology". They teach classes for non artists and all the way up to advanced classes. They also offer a wide variety of Art classes such as abstract painting using watercolours, acrylics and/or mixed media as well as furniture painting.  Here are some gorgeous painting styles you will learn in the classes!

We love their job titles too (see below). It shows their identity, their characters, and how truly creative they are~ 
Kathy van Gogh 
- Queen of Paintology
Liam van Gogh 
- Duke of Shipping and Customer Satisfaction
Victoria MacPherson 
- Princess of Process
Not sure if Aggie the Dog will be there, she will be probably patrolling to ensure all the safety measurements are in place ... - 
- Noble Steed and Squire of Safety!
Again feel free to print the above coupon and bring it to the open house to obtain your free sample.  
June 13, 2015 it is - can't wait to see you there~


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