Monday, May 18, 2015

Artists vs Designers - Part I

  • Furniture. Design or Art? Both? or Neither?
  • Graphic Designers: Are they artists?
  • Are photographs ‘Art’?
Art and design are created from scratch from both the Artist and the Designer. Each uses certain guidelines and specific tools to achieve the end result. 

Art is about the “feel” and “sentiment” and the “expression” from the artists whether it is old master, impression or abstract style, and really depends on how you, the receiver, interprets the artwork. Art sometimes implies and incorporates a secondary message of a tone, a political and societal opinion or sexual elements which leaves extra room for interpretation. 

Designers such as Graphic Designers and Interior Designers use their technical knowledge and creativity to achieve a certain goal or project according to the client’s request. It might still require an artistic mind to complete the project.

Now think of a fashion designer who designs clothes with Art prints on the fabric. Are they an artist or a designer? Neither? Both?

The discussion continues… what is your comment?

Join us, as we explore this highly contentious issue in the art world through multiple upcoming posts!


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