Sunday, June 21, 2015

"Sharing gentle kindness - create images from my feelings that are guided by my spirituality" Let's meet artist Doris Anderson

UNSTOPPABLE Original acrylic 18 X 24 inches by Doris Anderson (c) copyrighted 2014 All Rights Reserved

Doris' previous solo exhibition: “Freedom of the Heart” in May 2015 was a great success. Click here to check out more of her work and her biography. I suggest meeting her in person, you will admire her passion for art, her positive attitude towards life, her kindness to family and others; a fantastic artist with a fantastic heart!

Let's learn more about her!

When did I realize that art was going to be my path?

A good question. Art has been a part of my life forever. Growing up with my family, in Montreal, my parents had a few original pieces of art. They never purchased prints. My environment was also enriched with classical music with some “modern” tunes and I was part of the Beetle era. To me, art, music, sewing, cooking are all art.

Nature was a strong force and its appreciation was demonstrated to me early on. As a child in school, I loved how I would loose myself in painting, creating. Art is all around me. I am giving my self the gift to be me in retirement.

What inspires or stimulates my thoughts?

Nature inspires me, being connected to it inspires me and my feelings stimulate my painting. I do no heavy thinking when I paint. I am in my zone.

My average day is full and busy. It changes every day and I am doing my best to stay in the moment.

Why is it integral to work as an artist?

It is me, who I am and I want to share my expression with others. The world. All my life’s experiences are expressed in my art and writing.

What kinds of stories do I like and why?
I enjoy well written stories, rich in language creating strong visuals. Where I, the reader, is left with a message, a feeling and a sense of having learned something about themselves or a place etc. I adore humor, do not get enough of it.

PROMISES Original acrylic 18 X 24 inches

How has my practice changed over time?

I like to think it is maturing, showing more confidence. I am getting closer to it and it to me.

Who is my favorite artist and how do they mentor me?
Difficult to answer, I love Gauguin, Cezanne (colours/shapes), to Kandinsky and Jean Paul Riopelle, Borduas. Many had very strong spiritual beliefs.  Jackson Pollack. Lauren Harris. Emily Carr. They were true to their voice.

Suggestion to other emerging artists – find your voice. Be who you are, not the other artist. Play, play, play to create and connect with your creative self.

What role is the Artist playing now?

Possibly as entertainer, a stimulator of thought, conversation. Depends on what the viewer is looking for, how they see the world. Each piece of art takes on a life of its own. Artist is a pioneer to the new world.

Art defines and combines elements in a room or setting.

What is my five year plan?

OFF THE HEART & BECOMING 18 X 24 inches by Doris Anderson
Before 2015 is over, I would like to participate in at least one or two more local art shows.

I am expanding my studio space. Within 2 years, I would like to be represented or even have my own space open to the public.

I plan to be part of ART!Vancouver 2016 and there after.

My work will be in demand by home stagers/decorators.

I plan to have increased sales and steady demand for my work, in Vancouver, Canada, U.S., U.K., Germany, Hong Kong – even Dubai. Global is the intention.

Sales of my work will have a percentage donated to a charity of my choice.

I look to teaching and mentoring others choosing this path.

That is the plan besides continuing to live well, to take courses and keep myself mentally and physically healthy.  Everything works in conjunction with the other parts.

I also like to continue  growing own collection by adding pieces from other artists.


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