Monday, June 29, 2015

How to Show Professionalism & Gain Accreditation as an Artist

Continuing our last session of "Artists and Entrepreneurs", we mentioned "Once you consider yourself as an entrepreneur, you are tapping in to the Art of Business". The #1 quality Artists and Entrepreneurs both share is "Professionalism". Today we'll share more about joining memberships in professional arts organizations in order to be known and seen as a "Professional Artist".
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You may think...

What does it do to my Artistic career? And
How is it going to prove my expertise?

We've searched around and talked with different successful Artists, and we noticed most of them are members of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA). Digging deeper, we want to know more about this organization. Similar in the way you learn and understand more about art such as its history and trend, all color pigments, different mediums, type of paint brushes, different usage of palette knives, canvas materials, and etc so that you can make the best choice of work / decision.

So let's look further into this organization which can grant you "Professionalism" status -


To advance the knowledge and appreciation of art and culture to all Canadians, offering education, exhibition and communication in the Visual Arts, and to support and promote emerging artists.


The FCA was founded in 1941 by a group of Canadian artists, including the Group of Seven luminary, Lawren Harris, whose art was just exhibited at  the Vancouver Art Gallery last Winter. It continues to operate as a registered not for profit society with members throughout the world and Chapters in Western Canada. The FCA is dedicated to raising artistic standards by stimulating participants to greater heights of knowledge and achievement by offering what is believed to be the first completely artists sponsored gallery in Canada.  


The Federation Gallery is located on beautiful Granville Island, Vancouver, BC, featuring bi-monthly juried exhibitions of works by emerging and Signature members as well as two juried international shows held annually.


"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

The FCA is involved in many special collaborative shows with other art societies. They also encourage their members and non-members to be involved in their open programs such as workshops, classes, critiques and lectures in the fine arts media, with instruction by successful established artists who can help all artists to explore and develop their artistic interests and talents.  

Their critiques program is a tremendous idea helping new artists to achieve the following goals:

  • get accepted into more galleries
  • win more competitions  
"The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.
Carl Rogers

We believe there is always room for improvement, and in order for new artists to get to the next level, some constructive feedback from experienced artists and groups (instead of anonymous feedback) will provide positive impact on their work. This in-person education program is provided through Federation Chapters and the critiques are performed with several of their Signature members.

For the artists who wish to further their education, the FCA also support them by granting bursary awards! One of the past exhibitions: 
Limitless, supported and assisted some students enrolled in a Visual Arts program at the University of British Columbia.

Current Calling: 

For more info on 2015 granted award winners, click the links below.

How to Submit your work (launched today, June 29, 2015):


Membership in the FCA is open to all who appreciate art. Here are some exclusive benefits you will receive:

  1. Educational programs and workshops to enhance and explore advancement as an artist;
  2. Opportunities to advance to new levels as an artist with recognition;
  3. Opportunities to submit for juried shows and exhibitions;
  4. Free subscription to Art Avenue Magazine;
  5. Bi-weekly E-Newsletter with information on current events and ongoing programs;
  6. Invitations to Opening Receptions;
  7. Option of having your website link displayed under Artist Sites (Active & Signature Members only); 
  8. Gallery rental opportunities with selected programs;
Members are allowed to exhibit their work in their 1,200 square foot gallery in which approximately 20 unique exhibitions are presented each year. There is no exclusivity requirements like standard commercial galleries do. In fact, they hope that their members will find other galleries to show in because that’s all part of development of their careers, and that's how FCA can foster them going towards that direction.

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